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Esther, Juliet, Neil, Jessica, James, Jenny, A.K., Milinda
Weakest Link
Win Ben Stein's Money
Friend or Foe
Russian Roulette
Who wants to be a millionaire?

Esther, Juliet, Neil, Jessica, James, Jenny, A.K., Milinda
ROUND 1 Blue Moon Sting Florida Lion King Hoover Dam Wolfe
Greece Brinks Jetsons Lei Cavity Capri Allstate Coca-Cola
Checkers 36 Milli Vanilli Kate Hudson Arthur Ceramics BANK! Bye Milinda
ROUND 2 Dick Van Dyke Show Pinto Two Kamikaze Norman Lear
Sun Russia Kojak Alfred E. Newman Hail to the Chief Constitution
Gene Wilder Morphine Ontario Planters Mercury Maron Jones
Odyssey Marconi Mule Grover Cleveland BANK! Bye Neil
ROUND 3 Hypertext Trans. Proto. Sears Tower Arthur Miller
Lindbergh Penguin Costco Scotland Paul Reiser Pictionary
Dennis Rodman Vodka Denmark Charles Dickens Dreadlocks Euro
Aaron Burr Jimi Hendrix Ventricles BANK! Bye Juliet
ROUND 4 Columbia A Few Good Men February Cedar Crocodile Hunter
HO Dynamite Cleveland Hieroglyphics Pee Wee Herman Olive
George Eliot Charmin Johnny Cash Stonehenge 40 BANK! Bye Jessica
ROUND 5 Aries Don Cornelius Magma Green Peace Viagra
Burt Reynolds Medeterranian Sea Alpha 6 Years St. George
Jethro Tull Saturday Ice Skating Being There I BANK! Bye Esther
ROUND 6 Hugh Brenner V Sweden Cocoa Puffs Good Year
Arnold Schwartz. New Mexico Mark Shigal? St. Petersburg Calvin Klein
Lenny Kravitz Watermelon Mark Twain Clint Eastwood BANK! Bye A.K.
ROUND 7 Kidney Buckingham Palace Richter Chateau Brion?
De Capage? Bell Kaput Johnny Cock Radius Cape Horn Dizzy Gillespie
The Arizona BANK! Jenny Wins!
ROUND 8 Shamu Jamaica Lancelot Red The Sibeans? Sunday
Fabio Thiatic Nerve Robert Frost Scottdale Aparte Atlantic Ocean