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Erin, Erik, Fred, Joan, Jill, Nell, Cindy
Weakest Link
Win Ben Stein's Money
Friend or Foe
Russian Roulette
Who wants to be a millionaire?

Erin, Erik, Fred, Joan, Jill, Nell, Cindy
Round 1: Ernie, French Fries, Rex Harrison, Neil Armstrong, Mother Goose,
George H. W. Bush, Virgo, Television, Giraffe, Soap, Four, Delta, Lasso,
Japan, Four, Oakland, City of Angels, Naples, My Three sons!
BANK Fred gets voted off.
Round 2: Oil of Olay, Mace, Genie, Hugh Grant, Dolphins, Montanna,
Ricola, Bar Exam, Double Tree, Richard Nixon, Sport Utility Van,
Thimble, Leonard Nimoy, Harrods, Hallmark, Radar! BANK Erik goes.
Round 3: Bermuds, Jet, White Sox, Alfred, Edinburgh, Cary Grant,
Jackson, Orile, The Earth, Connie Chung, Centipede, New York,
Total Recall, Jerky, Robin Givens, Spain! BANK Erin goes.
Round 4: Pear, Falcon Crest, Varicose, Charels Darwin, Demi Moore,
IRS, Perrier, Malcom-Jamal Warner, Bally's, Bat, Jazz, Log Cabin,
Flamingo, Potato, Khaki! BANK Joan goes.
Round 5: Solo, The 700 Club, Four, Eric Roberts, Florida, Eddie,
Polident, The Plaza, Beanie Babies, Leech, San Fransico, Aquarium,
Two, Robert E. Lee, Mark Twain! BANK Cindy Goes.
Round 6: 7 and 8, Friday the 13th, Blue, VAn Dyke, Joe Nammath,
Busch, Bell, Blood, E!, Los Angelos Times, S.O.S., Live and Let Die!
BANK Nell goes.
Round 7: Gucci, Troy, Hyatt, Equator, American Pie, Canada, Audrey,
Pluto, TV Guide, Cuba, Trapeze, Voila Strongest Link is Jill
Round 8: Declaration of Independence, United States, Tithe, Ace,
Iodine, Henry, Blue, Windmill, George Patton, Butch Cassidy